handicapped child - able to listen and understand - unable to speak

Sun Nov 12 16:03:00 UTC 2006

Hello, Stepan
My name is Betty Banks, and I have been in this situation numerous times, and 
I dealt with it and I would like to tell you, and I wish there was way that 
the both of us can work with this child, my situation: the boy was the same age 
and deaf, so we did a lot of gestures, mime, signlanguage,because he needs to 
communicate outside of a computer, and we did word articulation as well! I 
need to know is there any bit of a sound, no matter how small, I want for yu to 
please contact me: 718) 385.3804 or email: BDUMMETTE at aol.com
I think I can help! Right now I am dealing with a client that can not speak, 
so she calls me every night and we work on the phone with speech sounds and 
critical thinking, I am a translator and I am expanding my business, with speech 
as well, I have been taking speech courses forever and I am Legally Deaf and 
Blind myself, so I know how this work.
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