High contrast ((black background and white text)

Gagnon & thibeault atg at VIDEOTRON.CA
Mon Nov 20 00:20:12 UTC 2006

Hi  Steve,
     As I need high contrast when reading the different visual language
instructions, documents, technology, etc., I prefer using the Word Document
instead of PDF because I can easily convey a white background to black
background, whereas when I copy and paste the PDF and transfer it to the
Word Document,  it is a problem to know what to do.
   Moreover, as I have only some little knowledge of computers and would
like to improve with use, it would be very kind of you to tell me more about
how to change a black background and a white text when using a SignPuddle, a
SignText, a SignBank, SignWriting. org and PDF.
  Thank you and best regards.
André  Thibeault
(p.s. Window XP)
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