High contrast ((black background and white text)

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Mon Nov 20 16:15:47 UTC 2006

SignWriting List
November 20, 2006

Hello Andre and Steve and Stefan!
The old SignWriter DOS program automatically presents SignWriting as  
white, on a black background. That is because it was designed for MS- 
DOS, which wrote white on a black background.

Stefan Woehrmann in Germany has kindly helped me with a new document  
explaining how to get the old SignWriter DOS program to work on  
Windows XP...I will try to post that document today.

If you could get SignWriter DOS to work on your Windows XP computer,  
Andre, it would give you what you need as far as white symbols on a  
black background.

There are two problems though...

1. You will have to install another program called DOS-BOX on your  
Windows XP computer, which for me at least, years ago, did not seem  
that simple to me....

2. The SignWriter DOS program is an out-of-date program in many ways,  
and it would be better if you can use SignPuddle, which is our new up- 
to-date program...

May I ask....when you browse the internet, can you change Internet  
Explorer or Firefox to give you a black background for normal text?  
How do you browse the internet so you can read it?

Val ;-)


On Nov 20, 2006, at 5:50 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> Hi André,
> To a certain extent, high contrast is possible for SignWriting, but  
> our graphics and processing would need work.
> If you look at these handshapes, the palm facings are backwards.
> In the following sign, the while palms get washed out.
> I can keep this in mind for the future, but I'm not sure how I can  
> help right now.
> Regards,
> -Steve
> Gagnon & thibeault wrote:
>> Hi  Steve,
>>      As I need high contrast when reading the different visual  
>> language instructions, documents, technology, etc., I prefer using  
>> the Word Document instead of PDF because I can easily convey a  
>> white background to black background, whereas when I copy and  
>> paste the PDF and transfer it to the Word Document,  it is a  
>> problem to know what to do.
>>    Moreover, as I have only some little knowledge of computers and  
>> would like to improve with use, it would be very kind of you to  
>> tell me more about how to change a black background and a white  
>> text when using a SignPuddle, a SignText, aSignBank, SignWriting.  
>> org and PDF.
>>   Thank you and best regards.
>> André  Thibeault
>> (p.s. Window XP)

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