POLAND Is it sign written correctly?

Lucy lists at ONET.EU
Thu Nov 23 15:26:13 UTC 2006

> In the attached diagram you can see that I added three different ways  
> I would write that sign. They are located in the Polish SignPuddle.  
> You are welcome to delete the versions you do not want...smile...
> I personally see the shoulders up, and the handshape has spread  
> fingers...so I would choose version 4...
> I wrote a curved movement forward, and you wrote a straight movement  
> forward. It depends on interpretation. Plus there are also head  
> movements and facial expressions that neither of us wrote ;-)
> So anyway....very well written!  Val ;-)
Thank you very much, Val. I like version 3 best :-)

I like the Same-Time Symbol, so I use it :-)


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