Today's BBC See Hear! - ESWO piece

Shane Gilchrist O hEorpa shane.gilchrist.oheorpa at GMAIL.COM
Sat Nov 25 21:07:32 UTC 2006


BBC See Hear! did a very short piece - like 3 mins - on ESWO and our
London workshop - it was featured in Deaf News - they basically said
that See Hear have filmed SW 10 years ago and they went to find out if
there is any progress since then.

There they interviewed Bencie Woll (for like 30 seconds) about the
development of SW in the UK - she said that she is disappointed there
is almost no development there despite the fact that in other
countries there are good developments etc and that she applauded them
for that. And then they did a sweep of the workshop with Ingvild doing
several handshapes - and then they closed on me ranting (pointlessly)
about the advantages of SW.

They said that I am the ESWO founder which is not the case - a few of
us have founded ESWO - it may be true that ESWO is my brainchild but
it was actually people like Lucyna, Ingvild, Kathleen etc who brought
ESWO into formation :-)

As I said, ESWO was in Deaf News which is very brief - as they did a
massive feature (20 minutes) on domestic violence and deaf women - so
the best part - our Ingvild Roald - was not even shown on air! :-(

Perhaps it was because she didnt know BSL so she spoke in English - I
think its Angela who edited that piece - she's very pro use of BSL so
maybe its the reason there? I dunno - I will ask Angela shall I bump
into her in London again...

What im happy about is that they even wrote my surname right! ;-)

Shane @ ESWO

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