Posting photos and graphics to the SW List is cool again!

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sun Nov 26 21:35:40 UTC 2006

SignWriting List
November 26, 2006

Dear SW List Members:
The SW List software is working well again.

I believe I know why it was not working well before. I am guessing  
that an increased amount of spam hit all of the Lists that are  
managed by software at Valencia Community College in Orlando,  
Florida. There are five lists: SLLING, TeachASL, SignWriting List,  
Terps List and another List from Canada...and all five experienced  
glitches recently. It was terrible for all the technicians, including  
the managers of the Lists, like myself and others.

I finally learned that if I keep my email on Plain Text (not Rich  
Text), I can post photos and graphics to the SW List. But if you send  
an email to the SW List that is BOTH Rich Text plus an attached  
photo, the List software thinks it is spam, and it bounces to the  
manager, namely me!

So SW List all are welcome to post graphics and photos  
once again, just be sure you are sending them attached to an email  
that is Plain Text, not Rich Text. And only one photo or graphic per  
message...more than one at a time is bounced back to me too...

Plain text is very simple...with no Bold or colored text. Most email  
software has a setting like: Make Plain Text. or.... Make Rich Text....

You may be able to find it in your Preferences, or Properties...or  
under the Menu called Text, or Format...

Val ;-)

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