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  Hi Lucy and Everyone!

  True Type fonts are usually developed by professional typographers, who make their living doing nothing but create fonts for people...but True Type can also be developed by programmers who need the fonts for their software development. Two very different professions...

  And now, with personal computers, others, like teachers and bookwriters, can develop their own True Type...although it is a great deal of work and takes some skill...the computer program used for this is usually Fontographer, and it is not an easy program to learn. I have never learned it.

  Each series of True Type fonts (also called a Font Family) has a distinct style of the designer. The Font Family either takes the last name of the designer, or, if that name is already taken, then the designer provides a unqiue name that becomes like a trademark for the Font Family...


  Thank you, Val, but for the time being we don't need such a type for PJM, I just only wanted to know what is to do in order to have such a type, for teaching reasons :-).
  Now I know what I wanted to know :-)
  Kind regards,
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