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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Sep 18 15:40:14 UTC 2006

Hi Valerie and friends, 

yes your are right and I agree there is a stop at the end of the forward
movement. ;-) 

An interesting aspect of this spelling-question is to understand - that we
write, what we see - 

So if there is a video that can be seen again and again there should be some
chance that three persons will see the same - smile. 

I tried another spelling with the complete Mundbild. In some cases this
seems not neccessary at all - 
but there are definitely chances that this kind of documenting /describing
the whole part of the information send by the signer is worth to look at. 

At least deaf students who start to learn to not mix up spoken language and
signlanguage and who are in the difficult situation to learn lots and lots
of new terms of the spoken language every day (which seems to be soooooo
dificult) take a lot advantage out of Mundbild-information if they are asked
to repeat the idea in the spoken language (written form or articulating the

That's it for today! 

Stefan ;-)) 

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SignWriting List
September 18, 2006

Hi Anny in French-Switzerland!
What a pleasure to view the excellent videos of this sign for  
ATTITUDE. And thanks again for the question...

I have now added different ways to write the sign in your French- 
Swiss SignPuddle....

You need to choose what is best, and throw out any of my versions you  
do not need...Go to:

And search for ATTITUDE...

I have attached a screen capture...

Generally, I would use two Facial Circles for this sign. There is  
nothing wrong with placing the Movement Arrow in front of the face,  
but since there are a lot of Facial Expressions and Mouth Movements  
to this sign, you will need the Facial Circle later to write the Movement Arrow will be in the way later ;-)

The second version is the best following the video of the lady you  
sent me...She moved forward in the first position before moving least it looked that way to me...the other guy didn't move  
forward as much so that would be version three...He had tension at  
the end of his movement...

But you can re-write it again with a combination of these factors..

Your comments?  see attached...

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