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September 22, 2006

Hello Guylhem!
Great to hear from you. Hope your work in France is going well ;-)

We are still moving our server today, to a better server, and the  
move is only partially completed. But once it is finished, we could  
write some French texts with our new software called SignText, that  
produces SWML. That way you could get some clean SWML documents.

Perhaps Juliette Dalle, or others from France, would like to use the  
new SignText to write the French documents for you? I will be happy  
to teach everyone how to do this, here on the SW List in a few days...

Or we can give you texts that are already created in other signed  
languages, such as American Sign Language (ASL) or Norwegian Sign  
Language (NTS), created with SignText.

Which would you prefer?

Val ;-)


  Guylhem Aznar from France wrote:

> Hello
> For some software tests and analysis, I would need as many swml files
> in french sign language as possible.
> Ideally, they would also be of moderate lenght - snipplets would  
> not be usefull.
> You can send everything by email.
> Thanks,
> Guylhem
> ------------------
> Bonjour
> Pour des tests logiciels et une étude, j'aurais besoin du plus de
> fichiers possible en SWML et en LSF.
> Le mieux serait des fichiers d'une certaine longuer, plutôt que des
> fichiers ne contenant que quelques signes.
> Vous pouvez me les envoyer par courriel.
> Merci d'avance !
> Guylhem

Val ;-)

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