finally report from SW workshop in Prague

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Tue Sep 26 21:13:45 UTC 2006

Hi world!

finally now I have few minutes to write short report about workhop
(I am still working on EFSLI conference stuff and my new job and .. and.)

So the workshop was very good finally.
At the beginning we had problems with projector, so we (Lucyna) had to 
talk about history of SW without presentation on the wall, but 
participants get handout (the same as should be on the wall) in English 
and Czech, so we managed somehow.

So the numbers:
at first 31 people registered for workshop, but at the end some of them 
cancelled their participation.
Finally 24 people came on Sunday and about 18 came on Monday
16 Czech
2 Slovakia
2 Slovenia
2 Ireland
1 Moldavia
1 Rumunia

the beginning of workshop was not easy because of technical problems and 
some people had problems with understanding, so I had to interpret to 
Czech SL, the rest was fine :)
Many participants will write (or wrote already) reports or articles 
about Prague workshop and SignWriting
(I did too, of course)
I like to send you my article when it is published (ok I will translate 
it, so anyone is able to understand ;))
People from Slovakia and Slovenia have invited us to come to their 
country and teach SW during workshop there.
Also more people here in Czech are interested so we are planning another 
workshop for Czechs soon.

I am sure I forget to write many thinks, but it is almost midnight and I 
have almost no free time this days.
btw - you can see some pictures from workshop here:
If you have any questions just ask ;)
Lucyna is writing the report as well, and she will send it tomorrow.


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