Norwegian PocketPuddles and SignBank shipped...

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Aug 7 15:29:35 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
August 7, 2007

Thank you, Ingvild...and did you see that the SignBank for Norway is  
also posted for download on the web as well:

SignBank US for ASL

SignBank NO for Norwegian Sign Language

Val ;-)


On Aug 7, 2007, at 1:52 AM, Ingvild Roald wrote:

> Hi Val and list,
> this is great. I am looking forward to receiving these. ANd you  
> shipped the SignBank too? Great.
> If the Claire Giannini Fund is interrested in SLs apart from ASL,  
> you could also use the Chrsitmas Gospel part from Luke in the  
> Norwegian LItterature Puddle, if you want to.
> Good luck to you, and thanks again,
> Ingvild
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>> Subject: Norwegian PocketPuddles and SignBank shipped...
>> Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 11:59:38 -0700
>> SignWriting List
>> August 6, 2007
>> Hello Ingvild and Everyone!
>> Today I shipped five Norwegian PocketPuddles and one Norwegian   
>> SignBank to Bergen, Norway. You should receive it, Ingvild, in 6   
>> business days, so around August 15th. I have a tracking number if   
>> need be...
>> And please tell us how your SignWriting presentations go this  
>> month  and next...It is good to know how SignWriting is used in  
>> Norway ;-)
>> I have this week to prepare a big report on the progress of   
>> SignWriting and the impact it is having on the world...This is   
>> required by the Claire Giannini Fund that funded us this  
>> I  am putting together John Chapter 3 from the Bible, Cat in the  
>> Hat,  and Sleeping Beauty as examples of documents that will be  
>> officially  published later this I am explaining  
>> SignPuddle software  to them, and pointing out what a great step  
>> forward it is, to be able  to post documents freely on the web for  
>> others to read...;-))
>> The Lists have around 25 to 30 people on them...slowly they will  
>> re- build...I am inviting people individually as i remember  
>> them...going  back through old emails to find their email  
>> addresses so they are  informed to re-join...
>> Have a wonderful day everyone!
>> Val ;-)


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