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August 15, 2007

On Aug 15, 2007, at 11:16 AM, Gagnon et Thibeault wrote:
> Do you have different rules for symbols (example of the Contact  
> Star and others)?  If yes, would you give me the link address ?

Hello Andre and Everyone!

I wish we had all rules in one place on the web....Over the years  
they have been posted on different web pages.  Here are some of them:

Go to:

SignWriting E-Lessons

and scroll on these links...

Question 0040:
Beginning & Ending Positions

Question 0041:
Beginning & Ending Positions

Question 0042:
When To Write Contact

Question 0020:
Rules on Symbol Placement

Question 0008:
Writing Compound Signs

Question 0051:
Writing Signs in Front of the Face

Question 0053:
Writing Signs in Front of the Face

Question 0054:
Writing Signs in Front of the Face

Question 0057:
Sequence of Reading Movement

Question 0085:
Spelling Rule 1:
Write Position of Contact

Question 0086:
Spelling Rule 2:
Every Sign Has A Center

Question 0087:
SignSpelling Process
Write Signs Step-by-Step

Question 0088:
Apply SignSpelling Rules
Write Ten Flemish Signs 


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