Spelling Rule for Placement of Rotation Symbols

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Aug 21 15:39:55 UTC 2007

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August 21, 2007

Dear SW List, and Andre!

Recently Andre pointed out that one of our web pages had an  
inconsistency, and I have fixed that web page now:

Spelling Rule for Placement of Rotation Symbols
in Relation to the Hands (Center of Signs)

You may have to Reload or Refresh your browser to see the changes.

Notice that I say "usually" in the Spelling Rule (see screen capture  
attached). There are some signs that were written long ago, like the  
Numbers in ASL, that did not follow this rule, and I am re-visiting  
those signs, to see if we can make them more consistent with the  
Spelling Rules without hurting any information needed, and I will  
share these ideas with you later on the List...I want to be sure I  
have really thought them all through before starting a discussion ;-)))

It will be fun to discuss the ideas of standardized spellings with  
you. The whole point of these Spelling Rules is not to dictate to  
people how to think...we can all write by hand as we wish! But when  
we publish SignWriting Literature, it can't hurt for us to try for  
some standardized spellings so that reading will become faster...that  
is true for all writing systems...standardized spellings help people  
read faster...and of course it needs to be tested too, to give us  
information as to what is read faster and what isn't....

Talk to you later!

Val ;-)

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