Mac supports voice-to-Braille

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Wed Aug 22 17:39:05 UTC 2007

Hello Adam!
It is my understanding that any Mac will support Voice-to-Braille, if  
they run the new Leopard operating system coming out in October...Not  
all Macs are expensive any is $600...called the Mac Mini  
that hooks to other for $600 a person can have text read  
outloud, and that reading becomes Braille...

"Mac OS X Built for Braille....
VoiceOver in Leopard supports a variety of refreshable Braille  
displays and note-takers. Leopard dynamically translates VoiceOver  
output into standard, Grade 2 contracted Braille, so you can attach  
any supported device and start using it right away."

Val ;-)

On Aug 22, 2007, at 10:26 AM, Adam P Valerius DSC wrote:

> Val,
> To tell you the truth I haven't used tactile signing in 3 years. I  
> miss it. I'm having a very hard time reading ASL & PSE visually but  
> every signer who's here for me to get with in Cincinnati, OH, USA  
> does NOT want me reading their signs tactually. That *SUCKS*! I  
> have been rejected by the Deaf-Blind for 3 1/2 years straight & I  
> don't know where to go to get back with them. My teacher for Deaf- 
> Blind Interpreting Class @ Cincinnati State College told me to move  
> to Seattle, WA, USA to get back with the Deaf-Blind. Maybe I should  
> look into moving to Seattle. But Seattle's cost-to-live is very  
> expensive. I miss the Deaf-Blind a lot! They are my good friends!  
> When I'm with the Deaf-Blind I like to communicate in ASL/PSE  
> tactually both ways (the DB person reads me tactually and I read  
> him/her tactually). I read in a book by an ASL interpreter who  
> often works with the Deaf-Blind that it makes the Deaf-Blind feel  
> more "at home" when they meet a sighted person who can read ASL/PSE  
> tactually. Of course I can :). I have some undiagnosed visual  
> processing deficit that is getting in my way of reading ASL/PSE  
> visually.
> I enjoyed our conversations in 2005 too :). It sure is nice knowing  
> you & watching SW develop.
> As for the accessible computing, I wish I could afford that  
> technology. I own a brand-new laptop but I gotta read the emails in  
> print since the refreshable Braille costs $1,000s. I miss working  
> with Braille. It was fun in 2003 working with Braille on my spare  
> time. I've loved Braille since I was introduced to it @ the age of  
> 6 (BTW now I'm 23 & on 11/19 I'll be 24 & there's so much more).  
> Once I have a job, maybe I can save up for that technology. It's  
> just very expensive and no one will buy it for me cuz I'm sighted.  
> I'm only going to work part-time so that I still have a lot of free  
> time & do NOT jeopardize my government benefits.
> Later,
> Adam P. Valerius, DSC


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