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Sun Aug 26 14:05:39 UTC 2007

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August 26, 2007

On Aug 25, 2007, at 9:42 PM, K.J. Boal wrote:
> I hope you can help me . . . you may remember that I've been having  
> computer problems for the past several months?  Well, it turns out  
> that my old hard drive was failing, so I've had it replaced and  
> it's working great except that it won't load my PocketPuddle!  I  
> tried to use it for the first time since the repair and it brought  
> up the folder just fine, I double-clicked "Server Start", it  
> brought up Mozilla Firefox with the purple Uniform Server page,  
> then switched to a blank white page and didn't do anything else.   
> Before, it would at least bring up the "Cannot Load Page" dialog  
> box and I could hit "Retry" as many times as I needed to (often 3-5  
> times, but that doesn't matter now) and then it would load the  
> page.  Now it won't even do that!  I've run the update, just in  
> case, but it hasn't made any difference.  Any suggestions???  I'm  
> running Windows XP with the latest version of Firefox.

Hello Kelly Jo!
Thanks for this message. I am happy that you got a new hard drive and  
it is working great...;-)

The PocketPuddle can have a conflict with Skype. Did you know that?

Do you have Skype installed too?

So I would suggest that you download the document "PocketPuddle  
Manual QuickStart" on this web page:

SignPuddle Help

Scroll is in the middle of the page under Reference Manuals...

In the back of that QuickStart manual, there is an explanation as to  
how to make the PocketPuddle work with Skype still installed.

One person I know had to literally uninstall Skype before the  
PocketPuddle worked...

Please tell us what happens after that, because there may be other  
reasons as well...

Val ;-)


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