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Fri Aug 31 16:31:25 UTC 2007

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August 31, 2007

Dear SW List Members:

Today, through the Digest, I found this message from Honza in the  
Czech Republic, posted to the SW List. It did not show up in my  
normal email however, which may possibly mean that the List is still  
not always working that well...

But fortunately, I found this one!!

So...if anyone else posts a message to the List, and it never shows  
up on the List, please be sure to report it to me...;-)

Here is Honza's message to the List...I hope to answer it later  
today...Thank you, Honza, for these questions!!

Val ;-)


From: "Honza" <honza at>
Date: August 31, 2007 4:14:34 AM PDT
To: sw-l at
Subject: [sw-l] question about contacts and arrows
Reply-To: "SignWriting List" <sw-l at>

Hey all,

after my first lessons at university I have some questions about rules.

First about writing contact and rules for that.
1) How do you know where is the contact made? - logically it is  
supposed to be in the centre of hand (right hand). But is there way  
how to write where is the contact exactly made? (probably here http://  It is not easy to  
write that especially if one of hands is black.
(see 1.jpg)
1a) what is more important? where is contact made? do you know thanks  
to hands positions or thanks to contact symbols?

2) How to write "lasting" contact?
common contact * is signed in way (see 2.jpg) to the place of contact  
and then away.
But how to write contact if there is just movement to the place of  
contact. Just without * symbol?

3) where to write contact symbol
I have already found it here 

4) the last one. I haven't managed to find it on the web. What are  
rules for writing arrows. There is example as attachment 3.jpg. Do  
you read the arrows from the left to the right, or from top to  
bottom, or from the center of the signs? I always thought it is read  
from the left to the right or from the top to the bottom

many thanks


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