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I've seen    NEW YEAR PROMISE  in addition to the ones Adam mentioned...

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[sw-l] sign for New year's pledge
Hi Adam and ASL signers, 
is there a typical sign in ASL for   ?New Years?s pledge? 
Stefan :-)

Hello Stefan!
Just a quick question...Do you mean "New Year's resolution"? instead 
of New Year's pledge?

The words "pledge" and "resolution" do mean similar things in 
English, but a standard phrase in English is "New Year's resolution", 
which is a pledge to do certain things in the New Year...;-)

So everyone - how would you write "New Year's resolution" in ASL?

I haven't a clue ;-))

Val ;-)

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Re: [sw-l] sign for New year's resolution
Oh! Resolution. That makes sense. Hmm. New Year's Resolution in ASL. I 
don't really know of a "typical" way in ASL, although the more common 
one's that I've seen are NEW YEAR CHANGE and NEW YEAR GOAL. I tried to see 
if I could send you a SignMail with the SW, but I am on my phone and 
SignText won't show and the end result of the translate feature produces 
nothing. Hopefully this helps. If not, I will send it when I get to a 


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