NO, that did not work..

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Dec 14 17:08:25 UTC 2007

Hi Charles,

I'm unclear of a few things, so let's start with the basics.

The IMWA is the current symbol set that we use for SignPuddle.  The 
symbols are black, white and transparent.  Some of the handshapes have 
white palms.  Some of the handshapes have transparent palms.  In the 
future all handshapes will have white palms. I will update SignPuddle to 
the ISWA in January 2008.

When I store signs in SignPuddle, I'm recording the build string.  I am 
not creating an image file.

When I display a sign: I read in the build string, combine the symbols, 
and create an image.  I'm using these sign images on some of the buttons 
for the UI.  The buttons looks nicer when the signs have a transparent 
background.  Since it was easier, I defaulted all signs to be displayed 

I'm not sure of all of your complaints, but the easiest solution would 
be to default the signs to display with a white background rather than 
transparent.  This would not affect the white palms or how handshapes 
look when overlapped.  This would simply make sure the background was 
white when copied from a browser.  I would need to update some of the 
internals so that the buttons used transparent signs. 

A possible solution would be to allow the customize screen to apply to 
all signs.  A user would open the customize sign window.  Select how 
they want the signs to look.  They could click an "Apply to All Signs" 
button.  Then all signs would appear with  the customized attributes.  
This would not change how the signs are stored in SignPuddle.  This 
would only affect how individual users see the signs.



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