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Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Thu Dec 20 13:18:02 UTC 2007

Hi Honza, 
The new symbol set (ISWA) is not ready yet.  It will be available in 
January 2008 under the Open Font License.  It will be available in 2 or 
3 flavors: individual images (over 20,000), BaseSymbol packed images 
(about 500), and possibly as a bitmap screen font file.  I'll be 
providing an open source library for use with the packed PNGs. 
The import is limited to creating new puddles, rather than adding to 
existing puddles.  I used the import to transfer from SignPuddle 1.0 to 
1.5.  Improving the Import feature has always been on my list, but never 
important enough to focus on because there wasn't anything to import.  
I'd happily improve the Import if there was a reason.  
Honza wrote:
> Hi Val, I have fome technical questions probably for Steve..
> as you know, we are developing our own software for our IT dictionary
> for University in Brno.
> At first: is about placing over symbols. IS new symbol set made? and
> is it possible to download it now for use?
> At second: there is possibility to import signs to SignPuddle.. but I
> found it doesnot work.
> I don't mind for now.. but I wonder if file format for import is in
> the same as exported XML,
> At third: if there is parser for import, that choose only "supported"
> fields for import to SingPuddle..
> thanks
> Honza


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