Merry Christmas!

Chris Cox chris.cox at GEOLANG.COM
Thu Dec 20 22:38:56 UTC 2007

Hi Stefan,

Thank you very much for all of that.

Although Val gave me some insight to the problem that seems to apply like an
epidemic over here in the UK I have also found it difficult to understand
quite why virtually no-one apart from Andy and Bencie has even heard of the

I have not come across overt antipathy, just - nothing....

I have sent out many differing forms of information related to our
intentions with respect to raising the up-take of BSL in SignWriting with
only three responses (one of whom was Andy Fleming the other day).

Having said that, another is a member of the Manchester Deaf Centre who I am
meeting tomorrow so I am hoping to learn a little more of the reason for
this dearth of interest and how, hopefully together and with Andy, we can
begin to increase the spread of the word (written signed word that is
:-))and get the UK application of the project off the ground.

Best regards


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Hi Chris, Valerie and friends, 

thank you for your kind feedback ... 

and Chris ... of couse you can use the cards to spread the message about
this invention - now we can write any SignLanguage of the world - 
the old myth that SL are languages without a written form is still to be
read in several publications ... I cannot understand.

I love these greetingscards to express feelings of solidarity and
friendship. In the long run it should be possible to build a collection with
SignWriting messages for all possible events - just as we know from Spoken
languages - 

The card you mention says : I whish you a Merry Christmas - Stefan (my sign

All the best 

Stefan ;.) 

The attached card says : This is a beautiful day - (ASL) 

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Hi Val (and Stefan),

Just in case you are still around in the run up to the festivities, my
apologies to you and Stefan but I have not had the time recently to visit as
much of the available material as I should have done. As you say the visit
to the German site has been another eye opener for me

On the other hand, just before you wrote I did find a wealth of information
about Stefan's many activities on the general Internet so I had already
begun to understand the extent of my most recent gaff :-) 

Can I ask Stefan? can I pass on the card to others with suitable attribution
to its author please? but also it would be nice if I could provide a
translation of the actual message in English please - I think it is a
wonderful advertisement.

Val, thank you so much for so many detailed explanations - I will certainly
provide a snapshot of the intentions of our project early in January and any
progress that we might have achieved by mid/end January.

All the best


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SignWriting List
December 19, 2007

On Dec 17, 2007, at 9:45 PM, Chris Cox wrote:
> As the new hearing non signing - non SW member of the list who is  
> trying to
> recruit signing people to the cause in the UK, can I have a  
> translation into
> English please?
> Can I then borrow the card (with attribution to your authorship,  
> Stefan) and
> its message to give people a real flavour of the power of SW in such a
> fundamental situation?
> Can I ask where you are resident please Stefan i.e. is this written  
> in ASL?
> I am afraid I am also incompetent at creating artwork so please  
> accept my
> wish to all for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year :-)
> Chris

Hello Chris!
Welcome to the SignWriting List.

Perhaps you might tell the SignWriting List about your project? Many  
of our SW List members are signers and signwriters, and so they are  
people who can give you a different perspective....

So feel free to introduce us to the WLDC SW Project...maybe in  
January, 2008? Then we will be able to focus after the holidays. answer your questions...

Stefan Woehrmann is a teacher of Deaf students at the Osnabruck School  
for the Deaf in Germany. Have you visited Stefan's web site?

Stefan's Web Site on SignWriting

and also visit:

SignWriting in Germany

I assumed that you had already visited Stefan's site and knew about  
the wonderful work being done in Germany with Deaf children!


Val ;-)


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