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On Nov 22, 2007 1:14 PM, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at> wrote:

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> November 22, 2007

Hello Valerie!

> Rodrigo -
> Go right ahead and add all the signs from any dictionary or any book!
> That will be a blessing.
> No human being "owns a language" or "owns a sign". Copyrights refer
> to photocopying the "entire book"...for example, you are not allowed
> to photocopy the entire book and sell it, because the book itself is
> copyrighted, but the actual signs in the dictionary are free and open
> for people to sign with everyday, including writing the signs in
> SignWriting. They can be written thousands of times without hurting
> any book's copyrights...Charles is correct that you just quote your
> "source" and start writing!
> Afterall, we write with English words, and English words are in
> dictionaries...we do not have to ask permission to write English
> words from Samuel Johnson who wrote the first English dictionary that
> was popular hundreds of years ago. That would mean no communication
> in writing at all!
> Charles is correct. Just quote your source and start writing...Do you
> know how to write the source in SignPuddle?....Click on Write Words
> button. Here is how I believe we could write the sources for
> referring to other published books....see screen capture from the ASL
> dictionary...
> and now I really DO have to help my family with Thanksgiving
> dinner! ;-)))
> But thank you for writing some Brazilian signs in the Brazilian
> SignPuddle - that will be wonderful!
> And we can create a Portuguese User Interface in SignPuddle later, if
> you would like - we will need your help with that...

I have thought you had said "You can create a Portuguese interface...." but
now I see you have said "We can create...."

I am going to have some time in the next two weeks so I could do something.

I thought I would be able to do it now but I think it depends on you too.
Well, of course I would like to help.
Just get in contact any time you want.

> Once again, talk to you on Monday...
> Val ;-)
Rodrigo Ferreira Bagni
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