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Hello Val and everyone:
thank you so much, Val, for the background on just how you DID do video
transcription in the "old days"! With the equipment I've got on hand, making
a CD of the video would take quite a bit of doing -- but I do very much
agree that the digital formats make the job  LOT easier.
You are correct in reminding folks that my query was really not about the
technology, but more about the person's skills who is using that technology.
I only mentioned your dance background because I think there is a similarity
between how dance teaches you to notice tiny little details that a
nondancing layperson would not necessarily notice ... similarly to how
people who sign can read kinds of details (or very abbreviated signing)
which a non- or novice-signer would miss.
And so, if I have the time will digitize!
If not, will just keep practicing my eye-to-brain-to-hand co-ordination --
since I am beginning a university-level ASL class this month, I don't know
how much time I'll have for video transcription this spring.
Will keep you posted!
Kim from Boston

Let me share with you some of the ways I have used technology when

In 1984 I transcribed a video of Bernard Bragg discussing SignWriting
in ASL. That article was the feature story of our last SignWriter
Newspaper Issue in 1984...before we stopped production of the
Newspaper...I wrote the entire article by hand with ink pens, and I
stopped a videotape machine frame by frame, with buttons on and off
and pause, to do the painfully slow job...but it got done...I
remember I was up all night...48 hours without do the
video transcription...that was before I had a personal computer...
someday I would like to re-write that article in modern SignWriting
for publication because Bernard said some interesting things in ASL
about writing ASL...

That technology, Kim, is too slow and not accurate enough, because it
is hard to pause the video if you are still doing that
then I hope you can get a video player, and hook it up to a computer,
and make a Quicktime or other kind of computer video file from it...
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