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January 2, 2007

And when the Middle Joint moves...there are two dots...a dark one and  
a hollow or light one. We now have some cute names for these  
movements....SQUEEZE and FLICK....These names are good ones in  
English. But it may be that it is hard to translate them into other  

In the case of the sign for ECSTASY in French-Swiss Sign Language, I  
feel the movement is a opening of the Middle Joint of the  
thumb, so that it becomes a straight finger. The Middle Joint does  
move (open), so it needs a hollow dot. Notice in the attached  
diagram, the US sign for UNDERSTAND finishes with a perfectly  
straight finger, but the movement was from the Middle Joint, so it  
took a dot...and notice the dots are on the ending position...the  
result of the motion...

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