SW Handwriting Course Schedule Jan 2007

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Wed Jan 3 17:36:18 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
January 3, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Here is how it will work...there will be one Handwriting Lesson per  

1. Val will post a lesson on the web on Monday morning California time
2. Val will announce the web page to go to, to the SignWriting List,  
on Monday morning.
3. Participants will write the lesson in handwriting any time during  
that week (you have a whole week to do it)
4. Participants will post their handwriting to the SignWriting List  
(in .png, .gif, or .jpg formats)
5. Val and participants will discuss each student's writing and  
answer questions and feedback on the SW List
6. Val will post the feedback and questions and answers on the web to  
help future learners

There will be exactly three weeks...with three Lessons:

SW Handwriting Course on SW List
January 8th...Lesson 1 posted on the web
January 15....Lesson 2 posted on the web
January 22....Lesson 3 posted on the web

So no need for worry, if you do not have time until Wednesday to work  
on it...you have a whole week!

Participants already signed up:

1. Adam Frost
2. Stefan Woehrmann
3. Tini Pel
4. Kelly Jo Boal
5. Cherie Wren

Have I forgotten someone?...

For those who do not have time to actively participate, you can still  
benefit by reading the messages on the SignWriting List and web...

The Handwriting course is free on the SW List in January 2007, but  
later, I hope to develop the same course on the internet for a fee.  
Our non-profit organization needs the financial support to help pay  
for future software development...

So...if there are others who want to participate in January 2007,  
just write to tell us...

This is wonderful opportunity for me as well as for all of you...

Thank you for your interest...

Val ;-)

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