SW Handwriting Course Schedule Jan 2007

Paul gebaerdenschrift at PLH.LU
Thu Jan 4 15:06:56 UTC 2007

Hello everybody in this list,

My Name is Paul Hendriks and i live in Luxembourg (near Germany) and i 
read signwriting list since 14th July 2006, but this is my very first 
posting here.

I follow this thread for a while and find it is really interesting. I'd 
really like to learn better signwriting.
I learned yet a bit signwriting by myself, first reading articles on 
your wonderful signwriting-website (and i now also own the great book 
from Stefan Wöhrmann, which i understand better than the 
english-explications on www.signwriting.org). And finally i wanted to 
start using and teaching signwriting with my deaf-born son, Samuel.

At first i thaught, that i can not participate here - while in week-time 
i have to work the whole day long - but now as you wrote "/you have a 
whole week to do it/", it would be fine for me too.
So if you accept a signwriting 'novice' to this course, *i really would 
like to participate this online-handwriting-course*.

Best regards.
Paul Hendriks (from Luxembourg - http://gehoerlos.plh.lu)

P.S. please excuse my poor english knowledge ;-)
P.S.2: I know no other person in Luxembourg who is using Signwriting too :-(

Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> January 3, 2007
> Hello Everyone!
> Here is how it will work...there will be one Handwriting Lesson per week:
> 1. Val will post a lesson on the web on Monday morning California time
> 2. Val will announce the web page to go to, to the SignWriting List, 
> on Monday morning.
> 3. Participants will write the lesson in handwriting any time during 
> that week (you have a whole week to do it)
> 4. Participants will post their handwriting to the SignWriting List 
> (in .png, .gif, or .jpg formats)
> 5. Val and participants will discuss each student's writing and answer 
> questions and feedback on the SW List
> 6. Val will post the feedback and questions and answers on the web to 
> help future learners
> There will be exactly three weeks...with three Lessons:
> SW Handwriting Course on SW List
> January 8th...Lesson 1 posted on the web
> January 15....Lesson 2 posted on the web
> January 22....Lesson 3 posted on the web
> So no need for worry, if you do not have time until Wednesday to work 
> on it...you have a whole week!

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