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Hi Jonathan, 


what is the sign for Honduras? 


Stefan ;-)



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Hi Val,
    My wife wants to participate along with me.  We will both do the lessons
though she may not participate actively in the discussion because she
doesn't know very much English.  A few of my other students are thinking of
joining, can I get back to you on that on Monday?  They won't be commenting
either but I will post their work here and I will let them know what
everybody had to say about their handwriting.


Valerie Sutton wrote: 

SignWriting List 
January 5, 2007 

OK...Is there anyone forgotten on the list below? 

Fun to see how international it is! 

SW Handwriting Course Participants 

1. Adam Frost...US 
2. Stefan Woehrmann...Germany 
3. Tini Pel...Canada 
4. Kelly Jo Boal...Canada 
5. Cherie Wren...US 
6. Stuart Thiessen...US 
7. Charles Butler...Brazil & US 
8. Jonathan Duncan...Honduras 
9. Cristina Pereira...Brazil 
10. Pauline Roberts...UK 
11. Andre Thibeault...Canada 
12. Kimberley Shaw...US 

Val ;-) 



Jonathan & Yolaine Duncan
8-)  & ;-) 
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