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Sat Jan 6 16:30:10 UTC 2007

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January 6, 2007

K.J. Boal wrote:
> Hi List members (particularly in the US and Canada),
> I'm about to start trying to advocate using SW in Deaf education  
> here in Alberta, and I'm wondering if I could visit some North  
> American schools that are already using it.  I'd like to see how  
> it's being used, what educational advantages have been noticed,  
> things like that.  I'm planning to be traveling in late March/early  
> April, so I'd like to visit schools around then too.  Anyone  
> interested?
> Thanks,
> Kelly Jo Boal


Hi Kelly Jo -
I know you are coming to La Jolla, in San Diego, California, for the  
CUNY Linguistic Conference at the end of March. I hope to be  
presenting an Advanced SignWriting Workshop on April 1st, directly  
after the conference, in La Jolla too, as you know...

James is in Maine...and then there are teachers using SignWriting in  
Albuquerque, New Mexico and Georgia...I will give you those contacts  

But there is quite a bit of documentation on the web. If a teacher or  
school wants free donated materials in ASL in SignWriting, ask them  
to visit our Teacher's Forum on the web, and fill out the forms to  
join the SignWriting Literacy Project, and once I receive the  
paperwork then I send them some Children's stories and SignWriting  
DVDs to get them software etc...

SignWriting Teacher's Forum

Read everything on that forum..there is a place to apply to join,  
plus there is documentation from teachers and parents and students...

Dr. Cecilia Flood did her dissertation on Deaf children learning  
SignWriting in New Mexico, so I would suggest contacting Dr. Flood  
for her full dissertation. One chapter of it is on the web at the  

Download number 68 on this web page:

Plus numbers 69-72 on that page and the next one, are examples of  
some of the New Mexico Deaf student's writing of ABC stories, I  

OK...I am now going offline for the weekend to prepare the  
Handwriting lessons for Monday...

See you all Monday morning California time!

Val ;-)

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