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Yes, in Brazil here in Porto Alegre, there is Concordia Lutheran School for the Deaf.  In Florianopolis, there is a new graduate school level program in linguistics using Sign Writing everywhere.  I wish it had been highlighted at the TESLR conference, but that will have to wait for the next time.

Valerie Sutton <signwriting at MAC.COM> wrote:
  There are pages and pages of reports from Belgium on the web:

Take a look at this wonderful Power Point demonstration from the 
Kasterlinden School:

You can download the presentation in its entirety...

Plus don't forget the schools using SignWriting in Brazil...

and there is a half-hour TV program on kids in Germany using 
SignWriting that is wonderful...

Val ;-)


On Jan 6, 2007, at 6:43 PM, K.J. Boal wrote:

> Thanks... I don't know if I can afford it yet... do you have any 
> reports from Kasterlinden School or any of the other schools about 
> the benefits of SW?
> KJ
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>> if you can afford, try Belgium
>> Kasterlinden School do use SW in and out - its really brilliant - it
>> converted me to the Good News of SignWriting ;-)
>> I know other deaf schools in Belgium have started to use SW thanks to
>> Thierry and Kristof.
>> Shane
>> On 06/01/07, Cherie Wren wrote:
>>> Georgia School fo rthe Deaf will be starting to teach it this 
>>> coming Friday... with a small pilot group of elementary 
>>> students. By the time you are travelling we should have some 
>>> things to show you, I hope.
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>>> Hi List members (particularly in the US and Canada),
>>> I'm about to start trying to advocate using SW in Deaf education 
>>> here in
>>> Alberta, and I'm wondering if I could visit some North American 
>>> schools that
>>> are already using it. I'd like to see how it's being used, what 
>>> educational
>>> advantages have been noticed, things like that. I'm planning to be
>>> traveling in late March/early April, so I'd like to visit schools 
>>> around
>>> then too. Anyone interested?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Kelly Jo Boal
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