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January 7, 2007

Cherie Wren wrote:
> That is what we are hoping to do at GSD, a research project.  The  
> administration won't let us do it formally during "instructional"  
> time, so we are using the 'fun Friday' time.  Hopefully we will get  
> enough results to be able to move us into "prime time".  I have the  
> research proposal that I wrote at school-- I will send you a copy  
> of that probably Tuesday.  (I will be off site tomorrow)  I have  
> two Deaf people here at school interested.  Unfortunately neither  
> is a teacher.  I'm hoping that when the kids start showing results,  
> they will be a little more open minded about the source.  I am also  
> trying to get my two Deaf  non teachers to actually get caught  
> using SW.  In order to use SW during the friday time, we are  
> correlating it with the Georgia Performance Standard (Official  
> curriculum from the state) so that we can prove the kids are still  
> learning what they need while doing this at the same time.  Once  
> the kids are using it, I plan to set them up with SignText and Sign P!
>  uddle on the computers in the dorm.  Lots of Deaf folks there to  
> see and get interested...


You certainly have my admiration and support, Cherie and Donna!

Quite amazing what you are accomplishing with all the road blocks  
thrown in your way...

If you need any materials, I am happy to send them...I know we talked  
about this before...I have not been sure what you need so write to  
tell me what you want...

There is a whole generation of Deaf children who learned SignWriting  
in elementary school in Albuquerque New Mexico and they have now gone  
on to Middle Schools, and several of them are now at the New Mexico  
School for the Deaf...which has not accepted writing ASL yet, even  
though they have students who can write ASL!

Here is little Lance years ago, reading his own writing...I love how  
engrossed he is in reading his own writing...He loved SignWriting and  
looked forward to using it at school...

I could send you the workbooks that Lance is using in this picture...

Val ;-)

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