SW Handwriting Course Lesson 1 Posted!

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Tue Jan 9 17:06:51 UTC 2007

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January 9, 2007

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> Just wondering. Otherwise, very helpful lesson.  Just one thought.  
> I still would encourage us to standardize as much as possible, so I  
> wondered if we should have some discussion about the variations?  
> While we will have our minor differences in writing, hopefully,  
> having standardization where possible will help us be able to read  
> each other's handwriting better. :)  (Perhaps our Deaf doctors'  
> handwriting will be easier to read than their peers ;-) ... a  
> little handwriting joke ...  )

Hello Stuart!
Thanks for this positive email...and yes, standardizing Handwriting  
will be a good goal.

My sister is a doctor and a brilliant one too...but when it comes to  
reading her handwriting...I cannot understand why all doctors seem to  
have handwriting that is hard to read...but it is just true!

And when I lived in Europe, I found out that the Danish school system  
taught handwriting of A, B and C differently than I had learned in  
Southern California...so I had to Block-Print all my handwritten  
messages while I lived in Denmark, because I knew they would not be  
able to read my handwriting, since I was trained so differently...

And I could not read Danish handwriting at all...didn't matter  
whether they were writing English or Danish...the symbols themselves  
were impossible for me to read until I started to get used to  
it...but I never totally got used to it...

So for that reason, whenever I write English by hand, I try to block- 
print as much as possible for the reader's sake...never knowing what  
training they have in handwriting...

I will be posting my homework assignments shortly - yes - even the  
teacher does her homework - ha!

Val ;-)

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