SW Handwriting Course Lesson 1 Posted!

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jan 9 17:27:48 UTC 2007

Good, then my drawing will have to be corrected to be topless (and actually bottomless as well).  

Valerie Sutton <signwriting at MAC.COM> wrote:
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January 9, 2007

Charles Butler wrote:
> Valerie, could you please post exactly what to do with the flat 
> hand parallel to the floor. If both the bottom and top are off, I 
> don't see any way to separate the extended fingers.

Hello Charles!
Thank you for all your input on the Flat Hand!

I guess I am still learning how to explain these symbols in English. 
Don't let my word-explanations in English confuse you...English is 
not the point..

When I said extended fingers, I was referring to symbols that have a 
square for a base. Remember how Paul thought that all squares were 
the same? We have plain squares with only thumbs, and then we have 
squares that have extended fingers, like the Index finger handshape...

but the term "extended fingers" only applies to squares....

But a Flat Hand is not a square! it is a totally different category 
of symbol...of course all fingers are extended in a Flat Hand but we 
don't have to explain that, since that is what a Flat Hand is!

And spreading those fingers in the 5 hand, or writing the Spock 
Handshape, or whatever, will be coming in Lesson 2...Right now we are 
just writig the Flat Hand...

Here is how we write the Flat Hand now:

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