SW Handwriting Course Lesson 1 Posted!

ann swope acswope at GWI.NET
Wed Jan 10 21:00:21 UTC 2007

Hi Valerie,
I was so excited to take your course but  reality set in today. With all my 
other obligations, this will have to takewa backseat.
So I am withdrawing form your class. I will do this again sometime or work 
locally with Judy and James..but since it is brand new to me, with my 
current full time work and graduate school schedule, I can't give this the 
attention it deserves.  I'll be in Thanks,
Ann Swope
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> SignWriting List
> January 8, 2007
> 7:00pm California time
> Hello Everyone!
> Wonderful to see that some of you have already started the lessons! A  lot 
> of fun to realize that..;-))
> Sorry for the confusion about the one handshape I forgot to  teach...the 
> index finger hand, parallel to the floor...
> I will add that to the Lesson 1 now, so that will improve the lesson  and 
> the confusion will be gone for future students...
> Paul, sorry to have confused you...no...the top does not come off a  hand 
> that has extended fingers...the topless symbols are only in  Group 
> 10...the hands that are all thumbs...but do not have other  fingers 
> extended...the topless symbol also exists for the E Hand too,  even though 
> it is in Group 4...I am not sure you know the Group  numbers? so I will 
> try to teach that in the Lesson I will prepare...
> But do not worry, I will explain it in a clear lesson tonight and  post 
> that tomorrow  California time (maybe not at 1:00 in the morning 
> though!)...so that improvement is coming...
> Thanks for the feedback - it helps develop a better course...
> I should have said that you can write page 8 in any sign language you 
> choose! Not only ASL...any sign language in the world...so go ahead  and 
> write in Luxembourg Sign Language...is there such a language, or  is it a 
> dialect of another sign language, like German Sign Language  or another 
> close to Luxembourg?
> Regarding your Sign Name...woops - you are right - because of email  we 
> will know who you are - darn! Oh well...it was a fun idea...
> The only way to make that work is if you all sent me privately your  scans 
> and I posted the scans to the SW List...then you would not  know, but I 
> would know - ha!
> Thanks Stuart, for your nice comments...generally I think we are off  to a 
> good start ...
> Talk to you tomorrow -
> And Stefan, thanks for offering to create a forum for  participants...that 
> is very nice of you and I think that is a great  idea!
> Val ;-)

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