handwriting stroke ordering

eric mead emead at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 11 19:41:29 UTC 2007

Hi. I'm rather new to all of this, so forgive me if this question has 
already been addressed.

I am working through the SignWriting handwriting course, and it occurs to me 
that the ordering of the strokes might be important. In Asian scripts it is 
VERY important in that it causes rather regular 'mistakes' which can be more 
easily recognized throughout different handwriting styles. (It's also just 
important traditionally because of calligraphy and history.) I personally 
believe that it is this stroke ordering which helped to foster the otherwise 
difficult to decipher calligraphy styles in ancient times. I would love to 
see a SignWriting calligraphy develop!!

Valerie, could you include the ordering of the strokes in each handwriten 
sign? I believe you did this for the SignWriting printing course pages, 


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