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January 13, 2007

Thought you might enjoy an old message, in 2004, from Stefan in  
Germany, discussing teaching Handwriting to young Deaf students... 
(see below)

Now it is 2007 and we are finally working on a course to teach  
Handwriting to adults....which will in turn lead to courses in  
Handwriting for children, later...

Thank you for this message, Stefan, years ago! Very enlightening...

Notice that speed is not the issue...but doing it slowly, with color,  
and well...the joy of creativity...

Most adults want speed...but little ones enjoy the art and creativity  
of handwriting too...as do calligraphers...;-)

Val ;-)


From: "Stefan Woehrmann" <stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE>
Date: October 17, 2004 7:08:50 AM PDT
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Subject: AW: [sw-l] SignWriting Handwriting and Shorthand
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Hi Val, Sandy and list members,

You know that I am experimenting with handwriting a lot. Some symbols  
difficult to write by hand - so I look forward to compare these in
handwritten form to  other products of other scribes  - it is not a  
of speed - (smile) more a question of clear structure (Gestalt) so  
that the
students and me learn to move their hands -

First grade students are not annoyed, frustrated or astonished to  
a given "letter" in all different seizes, colors, ...

I can imagine to develop something like that for SW- handwriting. As  
soon as
the hand and brain knows the way it will speed up - no problem. But in
before a clear concept is needed.

I am on my way to work on a "handwriting- concept for SW" - so any  
is most welcome - as YOU know.

Stefan ;-)

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