Samuels Handwriting Work ;-)

Paul gebaerdenschrift at PLH.LU
Sun Jan 14 00:24:50 UTC 2007


Hello :-)

My deaf-born son Samuel (6 years old) is with me for the Weekend, 
together with his 2 younger sisters, Madita (4years) and Rabea (2 years) 
- both sisters are hearing but can communicate with Samuel with signs.
And as i practiced signwriting today, Samuel looked at me very curious. 
So he would try this too. I gave him a print-out of Goldilocks (level 1) 
book. And here attached i must show you the very first signwriting he 
ever done. He had never wrote signwriting before.

And he really liked to write this  :-) (for a short time) - he has the 
'problem?' that he can never be attentive on one thing for a longer 
time, he is always soon distracted (even if there is no distraction 
around) - but i'm happy that he asked and tried to write by himself  
:-D       i showed to him the difference between 'white' and 'black' 
symbols, and he quickly understands (will see tomorrow if he will 
continue on this - hope so).

Is it possible that one can take 'goldilocks' (or other 
signwriting-child-literature) and translate it in other languages? The 
reason i ask this is, in Luxembourg deaf-children are learning German 
language in School (with signed German - but not German Sign-language) 
But at Home we always try to 'speak' to him in DGS (Deutsche 
Gebärdensprache), so learning him signwriting from a Book who uses ASL, 
i think he will get not much benefit of this, so maybe i can /*try*/ to 
do this book(s) in DGS? To what must one pay attention for that the book 
will really be "Level 1" ?

/Thanks Val / ;-) 
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