Re Jonathan on lefties

Pauline Roberts capyboppy at UKONLINE.CO.UK
Mon Jan 15 21:29:34 UTC 2007

You are correct to a degree Jonathan about the guitar grids.  The lines DO
look the same whichever way you do it, even allowing for reversing the dots
where the strings would be depressed by the fingers.  But what we still
have to take in account is that although they all look the same on the
grid, they are in fact all different thicknesses with their own individual
name letter.  So the learner would still have to reverse the strings even
though they look the same, to know which note on the string to play.  Hope
that makes sense.  I do agree with you though, it is still not a true
mirror image as obvious as Sign Writing is.

I haven't decided yet whether to start absolutely from basics or not, or
see if I can learn as I go along.  As Val says, there is going to be an
extra week while she catches up so I shall see how it goes.  Either way I
will still enjoy reading about the lessons and seeing the results of the
homework as it is all part of the learning process.

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