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Pauline Roberts capyboppy at UKONLINE.CO.UK
Mon Jan 15 21:33:09 UTC 2007

Again Jonathan, you raise some good points.  I think children's books and
instructions are a great way for adults to learn from scratch.  I remember
when I was 18, struggling to learn chess.  A boyfriend brought me a
childrens book from the library he worked at for me to try and learn.  At
first I "poo poo-ed" the idea, but then when I saw the simplicity of the
instructions it started to appeal.  i.e.  it talked about the white army
and the black army, and each having soldiers that had to go across the
field in a certain way etc.   So certainly a good way in my humble opinion.

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On 14/01/2007 at 17:51 Jonathan wrote:

>Val's 4 levels of Goldilocks is an excellent way for school kids. 
>Should we expect adults to learn the same way?  Is there  a way of
>making it easy for without have to go through more boring steps that
>they may not humble themselves to do?
>    Looking forward to everybody's  remarks

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