Handwriting Course New Schedule ;-)

Adam Frost adam at FROSTVILLAGE.COM
Tue Jan 16 18:21:23 UTC 2007

I am all for what has been suggested. Sorry I have been a bit quite
lately, but I have been ill as well. (Val, I have my homework all
written, but hadn't gotten it scanned yet. I will later today. And
don't stress yourself. :-) ) I know that I won't lose interest in the
subject. I just want to see how Ms. Valerie Sutton does her
handwritting because I have my own way that I have developed as well.
*grin* Maybe I'll show you some sometime.

Keep healthy everyone. :-)


On 1/16/07, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at mac.com> wrote:
> SignWriting List
> January 16, 2007
> Hello Kim, Stefan and Stuart!
> Thanks for your messages...see my answer below...
> Kimberley Shaw wrote:
> > Sounds good to me, Val - you do so much already! Better, I think, to
> > do a little, and thoroughly, then to plan a lot and need to drop it.
> > So glad handwriting interests so many folks.
> > Kim from Boston
> ------
> Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> > ....I am looking forward to see more of your own Handwriting!
> > (especially
> > Handwriting Priting SW)  To compare your way of writing the arrows,
> > the
> > circles, the handshapes,..with my own exercises so far is most
> > interesting
> > to me. So please think about this and if possible think about your
> > coming procedure
> > a second time. Feedback to this posting is most welcome! Stefan ;-)
> ------
> Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> > I think Stefan has some wisdom here. With this many students, it is
> > too difficult to give individual feedback on all of our sentences.
> > But if you can identify some common mistakes or suggestions for
> > improvement, that might be a good place to start. I'm sure we will
> > be able to see what you mean and apply it to our writing. Thanks,
> > Stuart
> ------
> Hello Kim, Stefan and Stuart!
> Thank you for your responses...I can see you really want to learn
> Handwriting! THAT IS NICE TO KNOW...believe me...that makes me
> happy ;-))
> Stefan's email painted such a nice picture of teaching Deaf children,
> and I admire your teaching skills, Stefan, and I also think your work
> with SignWriting, with so many students coming in and out of your
> class, is quite remarkable. I am happy to know that students visit
> you from other classrooms! That is a good development...they sound
> like they are interested in SignWriting too!
> And I realize that you are right, that it is important that I develop
> this new course, which I have never taught before, which goes into my
> own personal notes and shows you how I personally write by hand, when
> no one is looking - ha!
> Basically I write with the Shorthand blended with the Printing...that
> is the truth....and that blend, I believe, creates a
> Handwriting...and I believe it can lead to true cursive, connected
> writing too...but that is true development time needed...and is not
> something I have ever taught before...and it may just be that the
> Shorthand in its own right, should be taught as well...The old book
> SignWriting Shorthand for Sign Language Stenography should probably
> be updated and posted on the web...it was first published in
> 1982...and to this day, I use the Shorthand personally...so all these
> subjects need ongoing exploration and will not be abandoned...it just
> will take time...and cannot be accomplished this month!
> I truly hate to bring up my personal situation...but I did mention it
> in my last email a little...Three nights ago I was pretty ill. I am
> doing better now, but I have an infection... A normal person would
> have no problem with this, but unfortunately I have an immune system
> disorder, which means I do not fight infection in a normal way, and I
> have to be in bed half days now to be sure I can handle our Board
> meeting on January 27th...
> So my day-job is complex...I wear many hats...it is running the whole
> organization in my meager little way...and the teaching is when I
> feel I can squeeze it in, in-between doing the required paperwork I
> must do for the annual meeting...I got a grant, by the way, at the
> end of December, and I am so proud of that, but we have to discuss
> non-profit paperwork at the meeting and when I got ill, I panicked
> that I would not be able to handle everything by the time of the
> meeting on January 27th...
> On top of that, there are other pressures I am not going to detail to
> you, that are important for SignWriting too, in the long run, and
> that also has deadlines behind the scenes...and then so many students
> started to send in their homework...it did become overwhelming for
> me...but nice to know so many people are interested!
> And as soon as I wrote the email saying I was going to do less, I
> immediately felt better! Which makes me think that my health will be
> just fine, if I have less stress and pressure...
> So...ok...I understand what you are saying...
> The curriculum for the course is not developed yet...this is not a
> course that has been taught before...so there is some work to prepare
> the new lessons...
> I suggest that I finish posting the student's homework on the web
> today, and then go to bed again...Then tomorrow I should work on the
> paperwork for the Board meeting so I feel less pressure there...
> So here is my decision...
> I promise I will finish the course, but I cannot promise exact
> dates...It may get finished in February or March, but I cannot make
> any promises...I will need to squeeze it in, between other jobs and
> resting...
> I am afraid you will have to accept that, since I need to feel less
> stress now...
> I am fully aware that some of the students may lose interest, but
> that is ok...I don't blame you...I would too!
> Since I am posting everything on the web no matter what, the course
> can always be re-visited by students later...and in that way..the
> dates as to when lessons are posted do not matter as much - thank
> goodness!
> You may find that I will come through faster than expected, but I do
> need a week now to rest more...
> Thanks for your eagerness!
> Val ;-)

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