World SW teaching to deaf school

Juliette Dalle july.tigre at FREE.FR
Tue Jan 16 16:25:16 UTC 2007

Dear Valerie and List

This friday 19th, I will go to Paris for Final Report of SW experience 
in deaf classrooms to Toulouse (Sign Language school). The project 
groups :
- LSF teachers (and me as "SW teacher specialist")
- Linguistics
- Technology search (computer)
- Technology diffusion (

The linguistic group and my colleagues wish to know its : (could you 
reply to my questions ? It will be very great to compety the geography 
of SW education in the world)

- SW is it teaching in deaf school ? If yes, which school and who 
teacher ?
- Since when ?
- How ?
- For what ? (supporting the Sign Language, or Writting language etc...)
- what do you think about the experience with deaf children ?

Other new : I finished to work in elementary school with SW last year. 
This year, I work to Middle School with Deaf children and I am too LSF 
teacher for Hearing Children. Of course, I use the SW in my classrooms 

Hoping to receive very soon your replies before thursday 18th...

Take care


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