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Paul Hendriks gebaerdenschrift at PLH.LU
Tue Jan 16 19:30:14 UTC 2007

Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> January 15, 2007
> I agree with Andre....
> Two thumbs up, Paul, for being such a good father, encouraging your 
> son to write!
Thank you Val for this comment (and thanks again André too) :-) it 
encourages me to continue this way !
> Have you met Stefan in Germany, or visited his classroom? Maybe Samuel 
> would enjoy meeting other Deaf children who use SignWriting in 
> Stefan's class?
> Just a thought...I don't know how far a trip it is from Luxembourg to 
> Osnabruck, Germany...
I just looked on a Web-Routeplaner how far is Osnabrück. It's about 
450km away from my Hometowm (approx 4h30 to drive [one way: means 
another 4h30 to drive back home]), no chance to do a 'daytrip' to 
Osnabrück to meet Stefan :-(
I have to work the whole day long, impossible to get a day off. And 
Samuel too, he is every workday in school (Logopedie). Samuel really 
like to go to School every Day. But i have to say, that Samuels 
Signlanguage is not very developed, he do not learn much signlanguage at 
school (they use signed German, LBG), and his Mother and I are only at a 
beginners Level in signing.

Luxembourg is not yet a country for signers - but things are changing 
slowly. One Deaf-Organisation here (DAAFLUX) is fighting for the 
acceptation of Signlanguage as real Language. Luxembourg has not even 
one only Interpreter for Signlanguage. So i.e. visiting a doctor is real 
difficult for them. Deaf People must call and pay themselwes 
Interpreters from Germany. But i heard something that at least this Year 
2007, one Signlanguage-Interpreter will get a Job here in Luxembourg 
(should preferably be a German Signer, for Deaf People in Luxembourg 
knows DGS). Must see if this becomes true. Would be a first winning 
situation for DAAFLUX <> who was founded by Deaf People in 
January 2003.
Currently, i am writing on "/Ein Plädoyer für die Anerkennung von 
Gebärdensprache in Luxemburg/" ("/A Pleading for the Acceptance of 
Signlanguage in Luxembourg/") but it takes time to get all Informations 
needed. For this work, i also asked help from People here in Luxembourg 
and in Germany, who are working with Deaf People or who having a 
knowlegde of all these difficult-to-understand Laws. Hope that finishing 
this document will take not too long.
> Val ;-)
Paul ;-)

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