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I agree with you on that; childrens' books and instructions are usually a 
lot clearer than things written for adults.  I think it has to do with 
preconceptions; people expect adults to have a certain amount of knowledge 
so they leave out some things, but they put everything in very careful and 
simple terms for children.  Trouble is, many adults - especially Deaf adults 
- feel insulted if you give them a childrens' book to read.  We need 
something that looks more adult-level for adults.


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>Again Jonathan, you raise some good points.  I think children's books and
>instructions are a great way for adults to learn from scratch.  I remember
>when I was 18, struggling to learn chess.  A boyfriend brought me a
>childrens book from the library he worked at for me to try and learn.  At
>first I "poo poo-ed" the idea, but then when I saw the simplicity of the
>instructions it started to appeal.  i.e.  it talked about the white army
>and the black army, and each having soldiers that had to go across the
>field in a certain way etc.   So certainly a good way in my humble opinion.
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>On 14/01/2007 at 17:51 Jonathan wrote:
> >Val's 4 levels of Goldilocks is an excellent way for school kids.
> >Should we expect adults to learn the same way?  Is there  a way of
> >making it easy for without have to go through more boring steps that
> >they may not humble themselves to do?
> >    Looking forward to everybody's  remarks

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