Val - go and rest!

Shane Gilchrist O hEorpa shane.gilchrist.oheorpa at GMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 19 01:09:44 UTC 2007


it is important for you to rest and recover from that nasty fever.

we will pray that you will get better very fast and that you will be
back with us very soon.

Shane x

On 17/01/07, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at> wrote:
> SignWriting List
> January 17, 2007
> I am ill in bed with a fever, everyone. And I cannot work...I am so
> sorry ....I am going to a group of doctors today, and I do not plan
> to work for at least a week...
> In that message I was trying to explain that I couldn't continue at
> the work pace I had set for myself...Kim seemed to understand
> it...but I guess I didn't explain myself well for others. Nor did I
> understand that I was really that ill...So there have been a lot of
> misunderstandings as to what I was trying to tell you...I do not have
> the next lesson even developed...I had hoped to develop it while I
> was giving the students feedback....then I became ill and things got
> overwhelming for as soon as the fever goes down and I can
> work again I will try to work on that...No promises as to when.
> I am glad no one paid me to teach this course, or I would have to
> return your money...and just the administration of that would have
> been overwhelming too!
> I will write to Juliette privately about schools using
> SignWriting...I hope someone else will write Juliette too?
> july.tigre at
> After that, I am turning off my computer...Have a wonderful week
> everyone!
> And I hope you continue to write to each other here on the
> List...thanks to Stefan, you will have a PDF document with photos and
> contact please use the SignWriting List as an
> excellent forum to write handwriting to each other! The List is here
> for you to use with or without me...
> And best of luck with teaching SignWriting, Cherie, to your
> students...I look forward to hearing more about that later!
> Val ;-)
> On Jan 17, 2007, at 3:30 AM, Cherie Wren wrote:
> > I agree 100%! detailed diagnostic feedback to each student would be
> > over and above what is required.  Perhaps at most a general "grade"
> > and a short "focus on how you draw the handshapes" type feedback.
> > But detailed feedback without any more lessons teaches a lot less,
> > I feel, than the other way around.  Just my feeling...
> >
> > cherie
> >

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