AW: [sw-l] itsy bitsy spider 2

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
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Hi Cherie – 


my last email in this sequence – 


1) well – I already made a commet about eyegaze - 


2) left hand spider is climbing up – sideway to the left and upward – hm –
where are the legs – where is the head ? back of hand upward fingers
pointing away from the signer - ? 


Perhaps you want to change that – fingers in the beginning to the right as
long little spider is crawling to the right but then fingers pointing upward
and back of hand to the left – or to the body?? 


Great story – smile – 

And what do we learn – 


Don’t give up – after the rain – the sun will be there – and it does make
sense to survive .....and to .develop new strenght. 


Thanks for sharing – and keep up your good work! 


Stefan ;-)) 



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Out came the sun 

and dried up all the rain 

and the itsy bitsy spider 

climbed up the spout again.


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