Hi- I'm Donna

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Welcome to the SW list, Donna!  Nice to meet you! :-)

Kelly Jo

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>I'm Donna Duff. I work with Cheri Wren at GSD. My scanner is down and I 
>have not been able to get my homework in but maybe this weekend I can get 
>things going. I am a teacher but my official title is content specialist 
>for the elementary and special ed programs at GSD. I work with the 
>teachers. I am learning sign. Cheri introduced me to Signwriting last year 
>when I came to GSD. Actually, it is easier for me to learn sign through 
>signwriting. I strongly promote this in the elementary. Like Cheri said, we 
>have met with a lot of resistance. After watching the kids today- WOW, it 
>is amazing how fast they have picked this up and are so good. I have gained 
>so much by reading all the emails and felt it was time to jump in and 
>introduce myself.

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