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January 22, 2007

Dear Kim, Stefan, and Ingvild!
Thank you for your comments about Eye-Blinks...all good points. Go  
right ahead and write as you feel is best.

Meanwhile I might add some of the new symbols to the IMWA someday,  
just in case they will be useful to someone in the future...

I personally found writing eye-blinks in the past, a little difficult  
at times, because sometimes the little arrows would take up a lot of  
room inside the face, or sometimes if we placed the little arrows on  
the side of the face, they could be confused with finger motion, if  
there was a hand near the side of the face while the blinking was  
occurring, so that is why I thought maybe a symbol like number 3  
might be helpful in those rare cases...but that was just a  
suggestion...and not mandatory at all...smile...

And Stefan, if you prefer writing the eyelid open instead of closed  
with the arrows, that is fine too...I was concerned it could be  
confused with eyegaze, if the arrows were near an open-eyelid...that  
is why I closed the eyelid...so that readers who are unfamiliar with  
SignWriting would not think we meant eyegaze...but you do whatever  
feels best to you...no worries....

Thanks very much for your input...If I ever add this to the IMWA I  
will tell you!  Val ;-)

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