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Mon Jan 22 18:35:17 UTC 2007

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January 22, 2007

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> Personally, I like #3 also. While I agree with Ingvild and Stefan  
> that the arrows could be used, I think that blinks are common  
> enough that it may be nice just to have a symbol for that event  
> that is simple. With so much that can happen in the face, I would  
> prefer to limit the number of symbols that need to appear in the  
> face area. But if I were doing a phonetic transcription, I might go  
> ahead and use the arrows if I was trying to specify one blink vs.  
> multiple blinks. But for everyday use, I think #3 would work well.

Great, Stuart! Thanks for telling us...

So I will definitely add number 3 to the IMWA in time, and meanwhile  
the other ways of writing eye-blinks are fine too...

I hope number 3 turns out to be a useful new symbol for all of us! So  
go right ahead and use it...smile...

Bye once again!  Val ;-)

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