writing switching dominant and non-dominant hands

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Thu Jan 25 04:01:44 UTC 2007

I am ambidetrous as well. Most people do notice when I switch either, but
that is because there has to be a reason to switch. (Sorry, just because you
like it one way isn't a reason. GRIN) Stories often use the ambidextrious
rule (that isn't the term, but I like to call it that) because it does what
Cherie was saying: "it keeps your hands from getting tangled when creating a
visual description of physical space." There are other reasons as well, but
that is a big one.

Just my two cents.


On 1/24/07, Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
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> January 24, 2007
> > Andre wrote:
> > You use the left strong (active) hand in your story.  Look at the
> > third column (AGAIN): You use the right strong (active) hand and
> > the left weak (passive) hand. You are  supposed to use the left
> > strong (active) hand and the right weak (passive) hand.  If the
> > signer uses alternative hands, the Deaf community does not like
> > them and the signer could be criticized.  For example: President
> > King Jordan ofGallaudet University used the two alternative hands
> > which bothered the Deaf community because it was confusing or
> > uncomfortable to the eyelistener.
> That is interesting about the complaint about President King Jordan's
> signing...it may be that people truly skilled in ASL noticed that
> President Jordan was not native to signing and so his "accent" was
> slightly annoying...He learned to sign later in life and it was his
> second language...
> We had the opposite experience, relating to an ambidextrous signer
> years ago...(ambidextrous signers are people who are both left and
> right handed, and who sometimes mix the dominant hands)...
> One of our DAC members years ago was an ambidextrous signer, born
> into a three-generations Deaf family, and no one seemed to criticise
> his switching dominant hands because he was such a skilled
> signer...smile...I remember asking people about it and they hadn't
> even noticed he did it, but I did because I was writing what he
> said ;-))
> That is an interesting issue...
> Val ;-)
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