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Ronald Dettloff signpreach at SBCGLOBAL.NET
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Dear Sergio,
  I know save is a word with deep implications; I purposely chose it.  I mainly mean in a meta-physical sense. If we see the Deaf as a beautiful culture and part of society to be preserved, then SignWriting will save it. It will save old signs for people to study in the future. For example the sign for telephone as changed along with a lot of other signs. SW can save that. SignWriting can save Deaf thinking and perspectives that are valuable to the whole community. Just like Roman and Greek cultures have been saved for us by rediscovering their writings, SW could be a great way to save our signs, our times.  Using SignWriting is a declaration of the value we put on sign language. I know that video tapes and DVD's  would have given us a more accurate record of our ancestors but their writings leave room for the imagination.
    SignWriting is all my mind needs to stimulate old memories. I can stop at one sign and dream of a whole day just like I have with written words. 
    When photography developed art moved to the imagination. I believe SignWriting can do that; I am letting it do that.

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