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Hi Sergio,
  My main objection to video, CDrom, DVD, etc, is that all of them can be damaged and all require technology. SW does not.  It requires a brain, and could be drawn on the ground or in the sand if you don't have a pencil.  It is true independence for a user of sign language to communicate one's thoughts on paper in a way that will endure.  A book endures, a video tape can be erased, a magnetic storm can destroy a DVD, if you can't get power on or your battery dies, all of your videos can't be read, but SW is like Heiroglyphics, you can still read the sign language decades later.
  Charles Butler

Sergio Ribeiro <escritadesinais at> wrote:
    st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) }                Hello friends,
  I am writing article about signwriting use in deaf class, this article will be to the new Magazine. But here in Brazil many peoples, teacher and linguistics, disagree if writing sign languages is really important or necessary, because today we have another medias like DVD, CD-ROM, etc, using video format. What you think about and Deaf members of DAC have what point of view ?
  I want to write this more specific is possible !
  My article title is “SignWriting – Why not ?”. I will explain about sign language history, Stokoe studies and notation, person of the pass that say about sign writing possible like Itard, Bebian and Alexander Graham Bell. But most important point is using sign language at moment, now. Who are using ? Is signwriting great toll for teaching deaf in new approach, bilingual approach ?
  I will be many thankful to see your opinion ! 
    Sergio Ribeiro
  Centro Educacional Cultura Surda 

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