Comment and feedback for SignPuddle 1.5

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Wed Jan 31 14:54:19 UTC 2007

Hi Jonathan,

I'm currently updating SignPuddle 1.5 to use ID numbers rather than 
glosses.  (It's a historical issue.)  I'm going to be adding a 
multi-term field (or glosses or keywords...) so that multiple words can 
be associated with a single sign.  This will also support Unicode.

We're still refining the terminology, but for me a sign has a spelling 
and a sequence.  The spelling is the visual appearance of the sign, or 
symbols in space.  The build string contains all of the information 
required to create a sign's visual appearance.

The sequence is an ordered list of symbols.  The sequence usually 
contains the symbols in the spelling, but it can also contain additional 
symbols.  A sign's sequence must be manually created.  Currently, only 
SignBank uses the SignSpelling Sequence, but it takes a long time to create.

SBML is going to allow the spelling and sequence information to be 
created in SignPuddle and imported into SignBank.

The ID is a unique identifier for the imported sign.  This will allow 
future imports to updating existing signs and add new signs at the same 

The build string is a series of coma separated symbol ID numbers and xy 
coordinates.  A color version of the build string uses an additional 
color code after the xy coordinates for each symbol.

The sequence string is a series of coma separated symbol ID numbers.

The detail is a field used for text information about the sign.  I'm 
currently using the gloss for this field.

I've attached my test file.  SBML is a standard format for importing 
information into SignBank.

SignText Email
The SignText email should display the images before the text and the 
load link should be clickable.

If you're using ThunderBird, this should work flawlessly.  SignText 
sends HTML emails and the "Content-Type: multipart/related;" is 
correctly used.  The images are imbedded in the email and used in the HTML.

Try changing ThunderBird's configuration, specifically View >> Message 
Body As >> Original HTML.

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